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Loading money into account?

adaminc Member Posts: 1
I use PublicMobile for my cellular service, I also happen to have a bad memory.

So with PM, I can load $x into the account whenever I want, and when it comes time to pay the bill, they pull the money from that amount first, if it covers it all great, otherwise they pull the balance owed from whatever payment method is setup, like a credit card, debit card, whatever.

Is there anyway you guys could set something like this up? That way we can load the money into the account when we have the money, and not have to worry about having the money available when the bill is due?
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  • jeepr
    jeepr Member Posts: 35
     you can make a payment of any amount to create a credit on your account and you would get the results you are looking for; this is made easier with internet banking
  • TSI_Support
    TSI_Support E-Services Posts: 862 admin
    Carrying a balance on the account would accomplish the same thing, without the need for a specialized account and security for it. This doesn't seem to be something we would pursue, I will however pass on the suggestion. - STC

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